Payment options​

Consumer privacy is the essential part of our business.  We will NEVER put our name or anything related to “doll” on your payment’s billing statement or packages. 

Our privacy policy can be found here.

We offer a variety of payment options to suit your preferences via PayPal and Klarna.
1. If you make a purchase at, you can follow the instruction below and select available options for your region and products.
2. If you make a purchase with a financial plan, you can use Klarna at checkout if you are in the US.
3. If you want to use a financial plan for miniature dolls at or use PayPal, please email us first at [email protected] We will help you to finish the transaction. It’s currently for US customers only.
4. A layaway option is also available, all you need is to send your order information to us by email at [email protected] We will help you to finish the transaction. It’s available for all regions we ship.
If you choose to use a financial option, we start fulfilling your order as soon as you place your order successfully. We DON’T have to wait for the payoff.If you choose a layaway plan, we have to ship when you pay off.

If you want to get a payment plan via PayPal credit, you can simply click “Pay Later” or checkout with PayPal. Once you login or register, you will see the screen similar to the one below.You can simply choose “Pay Later” option to finish the transaction.

Klarna payment plan