A personal message from Aini

Thank you for visiting AINIDOLL.com. Before you read our customer, we want to share some insights on why we want to create such a page. A lot of our customers asked us if AINIDOLL is legit. We are a relatively new brand. So it’s a surprise to receive such a question.  The answer is simply yes.

We are not a marketing-oriented company but mainly focus on our products and consumers. We have never paid for any posting or reviews. However, to protect your benefits and address your concerns, there are a few things we do.

  • PayPal protection: rather than using other 3rd party payment methods, we only use PayPal as our only payment method. As a consumer, if you find it could be a fraud, you can always claim with PayPal and get your money back. You can learn more from here.
  • Picture confirmation: most of our products are highly customized for each customer. What we do differently is before we send our dolls out of the factory, we always send the buyer some pics or even video clips about the product that we just completed in the workshop. What you see will be what you get. In this case, there will be no surprise for you. Please refer to our factory info page to learn more.
  • Order tracking: once your doll is on the way, we will send you a tracking number and attach it to your PayPal transaction. In most cases, we do discreet shipping by UPS. You can refer to the shipping info page for more details.

We do this since we have high confidence in our products. We also hope you can give us an opportunity to serve.

Thank you for your trust and enjoy the reading!


She Fooled My Friends

I was so stoked when I saw the package from the delivery guy. Jennifer was finally here for our meeting. You must get tons of emails like this, but I was so excited, I posed her in an outfit I bought, it fit her like a glove. She looked just like I asked, so perfect, so life like. I sent the pictures to a few of my old frat buddies. They all thought it was the same chick we all crushed on at school. I suspect you’ll hear from them soon, they all asked how to order.


From: B. [email protected], OH


I’m not sure what I can say beyond oh, my fxxxg gxd. Shelby arrived yesterday. I had such a shitty day at work. So I stopped off after work to have a few rounds with my friends. I got home too spent to notice that a big box was placed outside my apartment door, until I nearly fell into it. I put in the corner, and fell down and slept on the couch. I woke up the next morning a bit hung over, and noticed the box by the door. I didn’t remember putting it there, but went over and it hit me, she had come. I’m not proud, but I called in sick that day, and spent the day getting to know Leslie better. She is everything you promised and so much more, right down to the hair and eyes. Call me happy fxxxr.


Drama free

I can’t say enough good things about you and the work you do. I’ve been with Ava for over a month now. She is more than I thought was possible. She’s amazingly life like, beautiful, and she never asks me to do anything around the house!!! Just as we discussed, nothing is out of the question, ever, and it’s a breeze to clean up later. You guys are doing the lord’s work. I couldn’t be happier. She is drama free and smarter than my ex.


Great Services

Just a quick note to say thanks. When I had a question about how to clean Lada, your phone guy walked me through it step by step. I was getting a bit turned on as he explained how to reach into those hard to get spots and change the skin color. With the same face and body, the different skin colors and wig definitely gave us completely different feelings! The customization works! HA HA. When my boyfriend got home, we had the hottest threesome you could ever imagine. Lada certainly had a work out that night. My boyfriend was sandwiched with me pegging him from behind. I’m thinking of starting a blog. Now if I could only convince my boyfriend to let us film some of these for online! You guys are the best.


From: J. [email protected], CO

Thank You Thank You

I just have to scream THANK YOU THANK YOU. She just arrived, and I’m nearly speechless. She’s every bit as sexy as I imagined. She looks so lifelike, I’ve actually dressed her, put her in the passenger seat to get through in the Speed Lane for cars with more than one passenger in traffic. When I get to work, I lay her in the trunk for the ride home. Once home, well, Thank You….


From: Tom @ San Jose, CA

Great Services

Wow, what else can I say. Stacy looked just like I dreamed she would when we discussed the custom touches. The hair, the eyes, even her nose and chin are just as I hoped. She’s so realistic, I decided I would take a photo of the two of us to use on Christmas cards this year. You people exceeded all my wildest dreams, just like Stacy. Every night…Wow, indeed

😍😄😋 She looks great!! Ship her on out. Thanks, much appreciated!


The Only Living Silicone Doll

I don’t know how you’ve done what you’ve done. My wife and I have  used all sorts of dolls and toys over the years. I have yet to see, feel or try a doll as real feeling as Molody. From the texture of her hair, to her skin, she pulls you in. Just stunning, and so much fun. I think you’ve saved our marriage. Now when we want to spice things up we bring out Molody, and boy, do things get hot. You’ve made both of us feel 15 years younger. A great product, great service, and a very satisfied couple.


From: A. [email protected], MO

Just gotta say thanks

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I just have to say it, thank you. You guys knew how to put a girl at ease. My friends and I were thinking what we could get my husband for his special birthday. One of my friends had seen something about your company online (she’s a bit of a perv), and told me about you. Your sales guy, Dave, was so helpful. I was a little nervous being a woman, but he had me so relaxed, I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Dave knew what to ask and how to ask it, and the end result is clear. My husband loves his Jennifer, for those nights that I’m tired or traveling for work. He promises that if I’m good, I may get a shot at her myself. Can you make guy dolls? Just curious….


From: Matt [email protected], NH


I believe that everything is good to go, let me know if there is something else I need to do. other than that thank you for the excellent customer service and letting me know about the shortage and giving me the discount.

Better Than Real

I don’t know how you do what you do, but I’m glad, more than I can say, that you do. I just got Valerie. She is beyond belief. She is better than real. So beautiful, and she doesn’t complain. Just like you said. I’m impressed. Just one question, if I buy a few more, do I get a frequent flyer card?


You saved the planet, well, at least our marriage

You guys have saved the planet. I’m serious. Instead of fighting with my wife when she’s “not in the mood,” I can go to my office for a while and visit Tiffany. She is everything I wanted and more. I’m so glad you convinced me to go to the small tit size, she is just perfect in every way. She works like a dream, with such life like motion exactly where it counts most. My wife is happier, I’m certainly more satisfied. I just regret that I told my best friend, because he wants to borrow Lexi, and that is just not going to happen.


From: John. [email protected] Paul, MN


I couldn’t get home fast enough when I saw the package was waiting for me at the property manager’s office. I was focused on seeing if Kim would live up to my fantasy. Damn, you guys are alchemists. I don’t how you made her look so real. It’s unbelievable. After a few days of getting to know each other, I decided I would take some pictures with her. To make it a little more realistic, I got her some lingerie to wear, I dimmed the lights, and once I had her like I wanted, I lightly sprays some water on her skin, to look like sweat. I took a few different poses, then put them on a kink web site, as me and my latest score. Response was nuts, I even had some jerks ask me for her number. I didn’t have the heart to share my secret.


What a surprise!!!

I knew I was in for trouble. Both my wife and I were both active in the local kink community. In fact, that is where we first met. As you can imagine our bachelor and bachelorette parties both spanned two nights. One night devoted to vanilla world friends and family. the other some of more intimate on-line friends. The latter of the two, of course, resulted in one huge orgy as we planned when we booked one whole floor of a hotel. On the second night, we were all sitting around, naked, high and engaged as the two of us opened presents. When I got to this huge box, she leaned over and said, “that’s for our wedding night. You can’t open it until then.” She winked and did this thing with her tongue that drives me crazy and we went on with the group festivities.

Our wedding was the following Friday. When we got up to our honeymoon suite, laying under the clouds was a female form. I have to explain for a minute, one of our favorite kinks is threesomes. We take turns picking partners. Frequently female, because she does love the gals, but on occasion we’ll have a guy if her mood is leaning that way. So, we walk into our bedroom, mirrors, hot tub, etch, and a lovely female form is in the bed, but beyond her light hair and amazing breasts, I didn’t see many details in the dim light. My new wife took me by my cock, leading me to the side of the bed and put a blindfold covering my eyes. Next thing I know my cock is slipped into her mouth and I’m in heaven. All of a sudden, I feel two breasts push up against my back, while my ear lobe is being bitten. A threesome for our wedding night. I knew I married a good girl, but this was unreal. With her tongue running up and down my ears and neck, she pulled off my blindfold. She whispered in my ear “meet Annie, I got her for you at our kink party last week.” I looked down, and I was getting head from the most life like doll I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, we both love Annie like a member of our family. We even bring her out when we host our kinky friends for parties to make sure we’ve got somebody for everyone. I’m guessing you’ll be hearing from some of our friends soon. There was a line to play with her the other night, and two guys had a threesome with her. You guys are good.