Delivery to the North Pole?

Delivery to the North Pole?

Today is December 21st, 2021. When the Santa is delivering gifts to us, we are actually sending something to the North Pole! It sounds funny, but it’s happening and it sometimes requires us to put more effort than the Santa.

Everyday, we have received a lot of questions from our customers worldwide. A lot of questions are related to shipping. In this article, we want to address some frequently asked questions related to shipping.

Actually, shipping a 80 or 90 lbs package is always not easy.  Shipping a doll could be trickier due to the nature of the products. As you can imagine, it requires a lot of effort from the sellers and the shippers. It also requires a lot of patience and trust from our customers.

1. If I order a ready to ship doll, how soon can I get it?

It depends. Most of our ready to ship dolls are shipped from south CA via either UPS or FedEx. There are also some rare cases that we ship from our headquarter in Boston, MA. It depends on how far you live from south California. If you live on the east coast, it may take a week or so. You can find a typical timeline from our shipping info page.

Usually, you can receive a tracking number within 24 hours unless it’s a weekend.

2. Do you ship ready to ship dolls to AK, HI, Canada or Mexico?

Yes and no. Our ready to ship dolls shipped to our US warehouses by cargo which reduces our cost dramatically and allows us to offer a very aggressive price. The price is for the conterminous US only. If you live in Canada or AK, we can ship but we need to charge a reasonable surcharge to cover the additional shipping cost.

To be honest, we have never shipped anything to Mexico since we have concerns about customs. If you are from Mexico and want to give a try, please let us know. We want your business but we also want to be transparent with you.

3. Do you ship to Europe?

Yes, we do ship to Europe. You can choose our ready to ship dolls for EU if you live in a Europe Union country. You may also choose our customizable dolls, such as classic collection, chubby and AI doll collections which we can ship to anywhere in Europe. For some remote areas, there maybe a shipping surcharge though. We once even delivered dolls to Turkey and Cyprus, but it’s for serious customers only. If you are not sure about your region, please contact us first.

p.s. for smaller dolls, we don’t ship customizable version to Europe, but we have some ready to ship models of smaller dolls for Europe.

4. Do I have to pay custom fee?

For the US customers, all fees are included.

For ready to ship dolls in Europe, all fees are included.

For other regions, there may be an import tax. Since it’s a government charge, we don’t have control over it, but usually it’s not too much since we usually put a lower declared value.

5. What if I still have questions or concerns about shipping?

You can refer to our shipping info page for more details. You can also feel free to contact our customer services. We will try our best to help since we believe everyone deserves a doll!

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