New features released for AINIDOLL Cutie and Classic dolls

New features released for AINIDOLL Cutie and Classic dolls

On Feb, 22, 2022, AINIDOLL proudly released their new articulated hands and fingers with permanent eyelashes for their customizable classic and cutie love doll collections.

Since last year, some other leading doll brands, such as WM, Aibei, and Irontech officially released the articulated fingers options. AINIDOLL is officially to be one of the US based companion doll brands that offers this feature.

Traditionally, TPE companion dolls usually use wires to be the support of fingers. It’s a cost saver but the wires may break the TPE skins. That’s also why we posted some video tutorials for TPE doll repairs. With AINIDOLL articulated fingers, customers can pose their love doll’s hand and fingers more realistically but wouldn’t have to worry about the finger wires poking through the TPE skins.

Meanwhile, we are also releasing an optional add-on for permanent eyelashes. By default, all eyelashes for a sex doll are glued on. It offers a chance for our customers to replace the eyelashes for their love dolls, but it could be a pain when they come off, even it’s easy to put them back. If you have budget and want your doll to be fancy, we recommend choosing permanent hair with permanent eyelashes. 

With the new optional features added, AINIDLL stays as a leading US based doll brand which offers the most customizable doll add-ons in the sex doll industry.  For our AI sex doll, Classic sex doll, and Cutie/mini sex doll collections, we offer nearly 30 options plus over 100 head selections. Even for something we don’t list yet, you can feel free to contact us and ask.

p.s. A new category, AINIDOLL Classic Plus, will be released soon. It will have some new revolutionary option that will be big in the sex doll industry.

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