Support forumCategory: Products RelatedHow does perm hair work?
PL asked 1 month ago
I am interested in the perm hair. How does it work?
replied 1 month ago

This is a very good question. The perm hair option is not only about hair but also the head. By default, our doll’s head is made of TPE materials which is the same as the body. However, to make the perm hair, we need a silicon head which is why it’s much more expensive. Compared to TPE, silicon has pros and cons but it’s a much better option to make the head. Silicon head can provide much more details of a face. Also, TPE is too soft to plant hair. The thing we have over 100 head selections for TPE head but fewer selections for silicon head. If you chose perm hair, we usually send you the real factory pics of the equivalent head first. We won’t put it into production unless we get your confirmation.

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Admin answered 1 month ago

Please let me know if it answers your question. Thank you!