How to repair a small cut of TPE doll simply with a heat gun

How to repair a small cut of TPE doll simply with a heat gun

Don’t want to use a soldering iron or you don’t have the extra material that fits the color of the doll? No problem. Here is another simple way to perform the repair. It can fix most small skin defects of a TPE doll. Let’s see how our technician Ms. Wang, made it happen.

Ms. Wang worked for Jinsan, the original manufacturers of WM dolls, OR Doll, YL Doll, and other doll brands, for many years before she joined us recently. A doll is similar to a human. Her skin also got broken. You can tell how sophisticated Ms. Wong was to repair a doll use a heat gun. Yes, she is our surgeon general of the dolls.

Another reason why we want to show those video clips is that recently we received some reports from our customers. Some of our competitors are saying we are selling knock-off dolls. We understand it’s a highly competitive industry. Here is what we want to say about it: Is Ainidoll a Scam or Legit?

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